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About UK Bead Supplies


Hello and welcome to our website, thanks for taking to the time to drop by and take a look. Please don't hestitate to get in touch if there is anything you can't find.

A message from Merle

Hi! My name is Merle, I design and make my own Jewellery, selling pieces online though my little online shop Jangles and Jewels. Until recently most of my supplies I bought locally from Lindas Beads and Designs. It came as a bit of a shock one day when I received the email from Linda to say, sadly she was ceasing trading. As it happens, myself and husband Darrell had been looking for business opportunities, we both know Linda and Ian from time spent at Jewellery classes and visiting their shop, so we got in touch to see if they would be prepared to sell the business on to us, thankfully they agreed and they gave us their blessing to take it on.

My Husband Darrell has many years of experience building online companies, and has also stood at Craft Fairs with me so he some understanding of us 'crafty types'. We hope that my knowledge of jewellery making and his knowledge of building online shops will allow us to provide the sterling, friendly, and quality service that customers have come to expect from Linda and Ian.

So here we are, we have spent the last week getting the new website up and running, making space in the garage, moving stock, counting stock, taking photographs of stock, and entering descriptions of stock into the website. We are by no means finished and have lots more to do on the website, but we are in a position to be able to sell items and hopefully provide continued service to Linda's and Ian's loyal customers. We aim to build on the foundation and principles they have laid down over the last eight years.

Please be patient while we work hard on the website, it will be evolving greatly over the coming weeks and months, and it might even break from time to time.

Myself and Darrell welcome all our new customers to UK Bead Supplies, please contact us with any questions or queries. We do plan to continue visiting many of the popular bead fairs that Linda and Ian attended, so hopefully we will get chance to meet many of our new customers in person.